Having grown up in Brussels, he is of Anglo/Danish heritage and this cultural diverse background made him choose the UK where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Modelmaking, obtaining technical experience from various companies such at Foster & Partner’s in London to Faurecia in Paris.


A petrolhead at heart, passionate about movement and motion, his thirst for design took him to Paris where he completed a Masters Degree in Transportation Design, working for Faurecia, Expression Motorsport and ADM Concept.

Since then, Alec has 10 years of design management experience as the Head of Transport Design & Mobility Department at Creapole ESDI School in Paris, working with various OEM's fostering industrial partnerships and facilitating recruitment for graduates.

" Motorised. Movement. Two words that have always been a particular passion of mine since my earliest recollection. Since childhood, often the reluctant passenger, everything about wheels in motion has fascinated me; it has to be smelt, touched, looked at, tested, and felt. 

A petrolhead's diet is forever evolving, incomplete and always searching for newer, better sources of energy"

He has now spread his design expertise into the yacht design industry. He has applied his skills which include Automotive Design, Product Design, Clay Modelling, UX Design and Creative Management as a freelancer and design consultantcy. His work focuses on creating real product experiences that combine traditional design practices with modern 3D skills with each telling a meaningful story, reconnecting people to quality brands and their environment.